Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Work placement over the summer in Shepton Mallet

At the end of May 2010 I have applied for graphic designer position at Wall to Wall TV production company. Job interview past well, and I was invited to sign the contract for the period 06.01 - 09.01. Title of the program was The High Street. The reality show about the group of modern shopkeepers and their families on the journey of a lifetime - they're taking over empty shops in a neglected market square in Shepton Mallet to see if they can turn back time for the British High Street. They'll live and trade through six key eras of history, starting their journey in the 1870s, when the high street was born. You can watch the series here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00v7p71 In collaboration with other designers I've designed, printed, and prepared to the final outcome hundreds of signs, posters and packaging. All design have the original reference.

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  1. I was watching this progamme the other day and I was wondering if they were vintage packages or whether they had been redesigned! I totally just stumbled across this blog and now I know! How fab, isnt it a great programme!